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There are not enough positive things that I can say about Drew Cost!  He embodies the true meaning of a coach on so many levels!


I started a very small training side business with just a handful of members with the intent to make some extra income to support my family.  My goal was always to motivate and inspire those who trained with me to reach their full potential.  However, I lacked the self-confidence to reach my own full potential when it came to my dream of owning my own training business!  


I have always admired Drew’s coaching style and how genuinely he cares about seeing others succeed!  I reached out to him for support and guidance about leaving my full-time job to do what I love and grow my training business.  Without hesitation, he took me under his wings and encouraged me to believe in myself!  Through his mentorship program, he has given me so many valuable tools to help me decrease stress as both a mom and business owner, support my clients, promote myself as a coach/trainer, and most importantly, build my self-confidence! Drew has challenged me to tackle some of my biggest struggles and pushed me outside of my comfort zone so that I could truly see my worth and grow!  His knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a phenomenal coach/trainer are unmatched!


Anyone would be beyond lucky to work with such a talented, caring and incredible coach and mentor like Drew!



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