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Wow, that started off on a positive note lol. Welcome to my blog!

I'm really honest & you might see some grammatical errors. I usually write these when my 4 year old isn't using my youthful body as a slide which she does daily!

Why would I say I hate social media when I do social media management? I feel social media is a great tool but, can be taken as the law of the lord. It makes people compare all day, make content that they hate making and I'm so over that.

I actually encourage my clients, do real life and put a camera on it here and there.

We've seen recently social media can be shut down, you can use your contacts, you can go viral and still be in the same bracket but most important, we've seen it destroy people.

So, use it but, don't be abused by it. It's not real, it's a tool.

I've been contemplating on starting a group for people who love to just create, connect and not have to be married to it. Think it's a good idea? Welp, Aaliyah is coming back to use me as her play escape. I'll be back friends. Chow!

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