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After the 5-Day Vip Podcast Bootcamp  - Get It Done Week, overthinking and overwhelm will no longer hold you back from making your podcast a reality.


You will have the clarity and vision needed to confidently launch your podcast, allowing you to make a greater impact with your voice and attract your dream clients through your podcast content.



What You Get When You Sign Up for the 5-Day VIP Podcast Bootcamp


Private Community and Live Coaching ($1500 value)

During the 5-Day VIP Podcast Bootcamp, you will join a community of other podcasters launching their podcasts alongside you. Receive daily feedback and support, get your questions answered, and receive live coaching in the private community.


Podcast Launch FrameWork ($750 value)

Each day is mapped out with clear, actionable steps you need to complete to get you one step closer to launching your podcast in 5 days. This roadmap erases all confusion and equips you to launch your podcast successfully. Can we say, “Team No Stress!”


Podcast Recording Tips + Editing Tutorials ($700 value)

Focus on the benefit: Up your podcasting game with easy audio recording tricks and streamlined editing tips. Speak with clarity, confidence, and more. 


Podcast Recording Templates ($500 value)

Ditch the blank screen frustration! Crafting captivating intros, outros, and trailers for your podcast can be a breeze when we show you how to use your message with your style. Intrigue your audience from the start, leave them wanting more at the end, and sell your episodes like a pro. 


Recommended Equipment and Software Checklist ($97 value)

No more wondering or searching Google for what recording and editing equipment and software you should use. This checklist outlines quality podcast equipment and software that is cost-effective and easy to use.


Transform Your Podcasting Journey ($300 Value) 


90% of podcasts don't get past episode 3. That's 1.8 million who quit. Of the 200,000 left, 90% will quit after 20 episodes. We want to ensure you get past episode 10 and more! Join our exclusive We map out 10 engaging podcast episodes, ensuring you break through the typical drop-off point where most podcasters stop. 


Receive personalized feedback, support, and access to a comprehensive resource library to help you create captivating content and produce professional-quality episodes. Start transforming your podcasting journey and make a greater impact with your voice today!


Bonus Suprise! 


Valued at $3847, you pay $497

That’s a total saving of $3350 


Launch your podcast in 5 days

Join for $497 or 4 monthly payments of $150

Say goodbye to podcast launch overwhelm and hello to confidently launching your podcast!

5 Day Vip Podcast Bootcamp

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