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 VIP Virtual Podcast Day: 4-Hour Sessions Split into two separate two-hour sessions on different days.


Session 1: Planning and Setup-Hour 1: Concept and Content Planning
Define Goals**: Vision, objectives, and target audience.
Format**: Episode length, frequency, and segments.
Brainstorming-Topics and guests.


Hour 2: Technical Setup
Equipment**: Recommendations and budget options.
Recording Environment-Tips for optimal setup.
Software- Recording techniques and live demo.



Session 2: Launch and Growth


Hour 1: Editing and Publishing
Editing Tips**: Advanced techniques for quality sound.
Show Notes and Publishing**: Effective notes and directory submissions.


Hour 2: Marketing and Monetization**
Promotion**: Social media strategies.
Community and Monetization*Engagement tips, sponsorships, and growth.


Conclusion and Q&A
Action Plan**: Key takeaways and goals.
Q&A- Personalized advice.

Extra Resources**
Templates and recommended tools.


Ready to elevate your podcast? Join our VIP Virtual Podcast Day! 

Vip Individual Podcast Day

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