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$12 Monthly Membership 

Not ready to commit to a full plan but, would like to stop guessing your workouts? This plan is just for you! 

4 full body workouts per week with 1 optional additional day with basic cardio. New workouts are uploaded at the beginning of each month. 

A gym membership is suggested but, one can be done out of the comfort of your home. 

Disclaimer - This plan is purchased with the download sent to your email. No additional coaching comes with this program. 

Sample Day Workout 

Goblet squat 3 x 12

Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4 x 8 

Dumbbell RDL 5 x 6 

Seated Row 4 x 15 

Core- Hanging Leg Raise 4 x 12 / Hollow holds 4 x 30 seconds 

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